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While emissions reduction may not be paramount in the minds of most consumers, there are solutions and LPG technology provides us with an affordable, available means of reducing transport-related air pollution, particulates and climate change emissions as well as offering fuel savings and improved engine performance.

Harnessing valuable and extensive experience and knowledge the key for us at Boemo Engineering is the technology we support and Femitec stands for quality solutions for automotive LPG and CNG Systems.

Located in Mannheim in the heart of Europe, which is one of the most powerful automotive industry and business regions worldwide, a position that not only offers an optimal platform for research and development but has influenced Femitec Autogas Systems Germany to take advantage of autogas trends and develop the latest in auto LPG and CNG technology. Femitec delivers efficiency and economic gains through the development of collaborative software that provides continual real-time monitoring, automated signal processing, through the use of sensors and data to enable assistive solutions. Femitec is designed for both petrol and diesel systems supporting both the mechanical processes and the driving system.

Features of the software not only guarantees smooth and dynamic engine performance in the full range of the parameters set by the vehicles manufacturer, the heart of an Autogas system, called the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) adjusts itself to varying parameters of the operating engine and allows for modifications or corrections of settings which reassures reliability and quality of the Autogas System.


Drive greener and more efficient with technology that achieves more.


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    Boemo Engineering Pty Ltd has been a leader in Auto LPG technology, a name you can trust. With years of experience, Boemo Engineering has been the right choice for Autogas Conversions. Femitec Autogas Australia aims to continue this tradition.
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    We know excellence. And we know where and how to find it.We aim to continue to deliver to grow our business by aligning with suppliers to drive a wider array of product to Industry for the best possible outcomes through reliability, performance and efficiency. Our primary target is the complete satisfaction of our customer.


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